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Who we are

PATH TRANSPORT is a company that provides comprehensive freight forwarding services, etablished since 2007 in Casablanca Morocco.
We specialize in international transportation (Air, Sea ; Road freight) and logistics coordination. We put at your disposal highly quilified staff and years of experience in order to meet your requirements.
14 years of striving for satisfaction of our clients have gained us a high reputation in the sector.
We are committed to providing our customers with the best logistics solution, for any of their specific requirements.

  • Managed by qualified
  • Competent and self-motivated professionals
  • A comprehensive range of options adapted to suit your needs
  • We provide reliable and cost-effective delivery of our client’s cargo
  • Listening to our customer’s needs, we take pride in finding the best available and suitable option. No detail is too small.

We serve our clients with first-class trade facilitation through our passion.

Handling palletized and non-palletized road freight consignments, Path Transport provides a one-stop solution for any transport requirements you may have to or from Morocco.

From our logistics department, we coordinate loading and distribution both nationally and internationally for full loads or divided, with extensive experience in traffic within the European Community.

Sustenability 85%
Developement 65%